2012 MAMA Voting – Vote for TVXQ

The voting is being held nearly after TVXQ’s comeback stage with superior album “Catch Me”!! It’s our priority as a Cassiopeia to vote TVXQ where they’re included in the categories as well. For MAMA JApan, we’ve placed #1 as Bigeast is doing their job really well!! uBut we face serious problem that we need more votes for TVXQ. It wuld be an embarassment if TVXQ doesn’t place #1 in any category! Therefore I’m trying to organize a mass voting where all Cassies can contribute. We need to work in group!
EMAIL CREATOR: create accounts everyday, then email to sapphired17@ymail.com with your password

ACCOUNT CREATOR: Will be sent email off adds + pws to create mnet account

VOTER: will be sent email of account & password, then vote TVXQ


If you’re interested please kindly mention me @SapphiRed17 [ i also need more coordinators ]

Hurry up Cassie! We need to vote to let our boys know how care we are, that Cassiopeia is still here for them as well. Show our support! Thankyou ^^


VOTE to increase the number of flags here


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